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Tannic acid
Tannic acid
 Gallotannic acid; Gallotannin; Galloylglucose; Glycerite; Quebracho; Tannins CAS NO.1401-55-4
Appearance:Yellow powder or sponge-like solid
Standard : Tech grade,Dyestuff grade,Pharam grade,Food grade,
  Usedof Beer  :Brew modelling  , Glycosylated type
Uses: material for making Tannic acid, Pyrogallic Acid and sulfa drugs . In the chemical production, it can produceGallic acid and Pyrogallic acid); as mud treatment agent in petroleum industry. In addition, can be used in the production of leather tanning agent, mordant, rubber curing agent, agent of proteins, alkaloids precipitation agent, mineral inhibitor, wine clarifying agent, the extraction of germanium and the configuration of the blue-black ink, etc
         As a fixing agent in textile printing and dyeing, mordant, fiber sweetening agent and synthetic dyes.
          pharmaceutical tannic acid, used for antimicrobial, treat tinea, detoxify, stop dysenterys, also used in the synthesis of sulfonamide synergist
         Mainly used as the clarifying agent of beer, wine, low-alcohol wine, can also be used for pineapple proteinase and food processing, etc