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Mancozeb 64%+Metalaxyl 8%WP(Fungicide)

ProductName:Metalaxyl 8%+Mancozeb 64% WP

CAS NO.: 8018-01-7


Test Items
Greyish-yellow powder
Mancozeb content
64.0% mass
Metalaxyl content
8.0% min. by mass
Moisture content
2.5 % max. by mass
Mancozeb suspensibility
70.0% min. by mass
PH range
6.0 -9.0
Wet sieve test ( 45µm test sieve)
95.0% min.
Storage stability test
Metalaxyl 8%+Mancozeb 64% Wp is a Systemic Fungicide with protective and curative action, absorbed through the leaves, stems, and roots.
Targets:Black shank, damping off, foot and stem rots, downey mildew happened on fruits, vegetables, nuts, tobacco, ornamentals etc.

Package:100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 10kg, 25kg, 200kg per bag/drum