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Potassium hydroxide

(CAS:1310-58-3)Potassium hydroxide
1. Properties: clear colorless liquid or white flakes. Strong base. Very corrosive. Easily dissolves in water with liberation of much heat.
2. Use: Manufacture of liquid soap; mordant for wood; absorbing CO2; mercerizing cotton; paint and varnish removers; electroplating,photoengraving and lithography; printing inks; in analytical chemistry and in organic syntheses.
3. Packing: Liquid, tank; flakes, 40kg or 25kg per bag.

Premium gradeGrade I
KOH, ≥4895.090.0
K2CO3, ≤0.0550.50.5
Chloride (Cl), ≤0.00180.0050.005
Iron (Fe), ≤0.000320.00050.0005
Sulfate (SO42-), ≤0.0050.005
Nitrate & Nitrite (N), ≤0.00050.0005
Sodium (Na), ≤0.80.8
Phosphate (PO4), ≤0.0050.005
Silicate (SiO3), ≤0.010.01
Aluminum (Al), ≤0.0020.002
Calcium (Ca), ≤0.0050.005
Nickel (Ni), ≤0.00050.0005
Heavy metal (Pb), ≤0.0020.002