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SAP Powder Super Absorbent Polymer

Product name: Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP)MF: (C3H3NaO2)nCAS NO.: 9003-04-7
Application:Super absorbent polymer can be used in many aspects, such as: Disposable baby diapers, Nappy, Incontinent underpads and others.It is a green and environment-friendly high-tech product. It can be completely biodegradable into water, carbon dioxide and other small molecules under certain conditions.1. Absorb quickly, and it is easy to melt in blood and blood plasma.2. When melting in blood, its speed can reach 3-5ml per minute and 7-8ml per three minutes. It can resolve the blood leakage, especially for the thinner sanitary towel's leakage problem.3. Good liquid penetrating character, and after absorbing, it is easy to dry.4. It can be used for farm and forestry, saving water for farm and garden and improving trees' surviving ratio.5. Used for sand, can help the plant absorb water.