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Garlic oil

Product name:Natural extractGarlic oilCAS NO.:8000-78-0Status: garlic oil dementholized is pale yellow liquid, has a strong smell of garlic,
Main ingredients: is mainly composed of diene propyl disulfide ether and diene propyl three sulfide,
Content: diene propyl disulfide ether + diene propyl three total sulfide content in 80% or more (internal standard method), 90% (precipitation) or higher
Solubility: insoluble in water, partially soluble in ethanol
1, antibacterial, bacteriostasis.
2, flavor food, improving the quality of feed.
3, enhance the immune function, care to promote growth
4, improving the quality of animals.
5, send a poisonous insect repellent, mouldproof preservation.
6, non-toxic, no side effects, drug residue, no resistance.
7, ball insect resistance.Specification:

Name of productGarlic Oil
Refractive Rate1.51desity(20℃)(1.0-1.1)
CharacteristicHave the strong garlic odour
Testing basisEnterprise standard (Q/XLK003-2006)
AppearanceBrown or yellowish transparent liquid
CompositionContent %
Diallyl sulfide6.10
Diallyl Disulfide71.59
Diallyl Trisulfide19.07
Diallyl Tetrasulfide2.65
Testing methodGas and liquid chromatography

Package: 25 kg/barrel (blue barrel), 200 kg/barrel (60 * 90 barrel)