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CAS No: 1338-41-6;26266-57-9;26658-19-5;1338-43-8;1338-39-2;8007-43-0; 26266-58-0

Sorbitan ester

Properties:Sorbitan ester is a lipophilic and nonionic surfactant.It is safe and nontoxic to add it in food as emulsifier when properly used in accordance with GB2760-2011.There are various items because of different fatty acids.The HLB value is 1.8~8.6.It can dissolve in polar organic solvents and oils.


NameChemical nameAspectParametersHLB Value
Acid value
Saponification Value
Hydroxy Value
S20sorbitan monolauratepaste≤7.0155~170330~3608.6
S40sorbitan monopalmitatebead or powder≤7.0140~155270~3056.5
S60sorbitan monostearatebead or powder≤10.0147~157235~2604.7
S65sorbitan tristearatebead or powder≤15.0176~18866~802.1
S80sorbitan monooleateoily liquid≤8.0145~160193~2104.3
S83sorbitan sesquioleateoily liquid≤14.0143~165182~2203.7
S85sorbitan trioleateoily liquid≤15.0165~18060~801.8

Packaging:solid 25kg/bag,liquid 200kg/drum.
Storage and transportation:Store in cool,dry place in tightly sealed packages,protected from heat and light.Not dangerous goods for transportation.
Shelf life:1 year.